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Electric Vehicles Land, Sea and Air Europe 2011


Start Date:28 jun 11 End Date:29 jun 11

This is the world’s only event that covers all forms of electric vehicles – land, sea and air. Uniquely, it concentrates on the potentially disruptive breakthroughs in the future, to include radically new materials, components and forms. The total market for electric vehicles is about double that for cars and will remain so as the total market almost quintuples in the next ten years.

This event provides a platform for:
• Electric vehicle manufacturers to diversify and make vehicles for many uses
• Components and subsystems suppliers to make their products available for as many vehicles as possible – land, sea and air
• Electricity suppliers, regulators, analysts and investment experts to assess the whole market while others miss most of these aspects
• Research efforts, challenges and future breakthroughs to be covered

At the exhibition you will have the opportunity to see not only electric cars and motor bikes but other types of EVs not generally seen at EV events, plus the associated batteries and components like energy harvesting shock absorbers.

The conference will provide a global perspective from experts all over the world. You will hear about the most cutting edge technologies available now and predictions for the future. Masterclasses provide in-depth analysis and the opportunity to discuss the topic in greater detail in small groups. There are tours to local companies so you can find out what companies are doing in the industry. This is the only event worldwide to have such scope, giving a thorough understanding of the game-changing developments in the industry.

Topics include
The global picture of the electric vehicle and parts market—The event will include the growth of the markets for all forms of electric vehicles over the next decade. Hear how savvy component supplies are finding high margin niches and even helping to create new forms of hybrid and pure electric vehicles. Hear the opportunities for new materials and smart body work based on printed electronics and electrics and self-powered sensors. Energy harvesting options ranging from solar cells on the whole vehicle to shock absorbers and thermoelectric harvesting from the engine and exhaust in hybrids will be covered. We will assess energy harvesting and management solutions of the future and third generation batteries, super-capacitors and other storage devices.

A global approach: East Asia’s leading role in the industry—India and Korea are moving fast in the EV market. Japan is leader. China has the largest potential market for electric vehicles – it holds 66% of the manufacturers of electric vehicles. Over 90% of the world’s electric vehicles are made in China, mainly for use in China. It mines and controls 95% of the world’s rare earth reserves used in the hybrid car batteries, motors and other key components of today’s electric vehicles. Find out what’s happening in East Asia and hear about who the main players are in the different industry sectors.

Electric vehicles markets and opportunities—Attend presentations from companies that have successfully created new markets. Tap into the massive opportunities and find out more about the commercial and technical barriers and how to overcome them.

Infrastructure—The demand for electric vehicle charging stations will sextuple in the next decade to reach over $4 billion for charging station hardware. Those seeking the largest possible business, supplying charging stations must prioritise installation of residential car charging stations. Those seeking high margin niche applications will find plenty of opportunity elsewhere, notably in industrial, commercial including buses and military and marine applications. However, this market peaks in value in 2017 – find out why at Electric Vehicles Land, Sea and Air.

Investment opportunities—Find out about investment opportunities and perspectives; routes to fund raising; and expected returns for Electric Vehicles Land, Sea and Air. This event will bring together leading companies from the investor community.

 Fuente: Lowcarboneconomy

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